Get the Pennsylvania Forward Party on the Ballot!

Your Signature Can Make a Difference

Are you a registered voter in Pennsylvania? The Pennsylvania Forward Party needs your support to gain ballot access for our candidates in the upcoming elections. By signing our petition, you can help bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to our state’s political landscape.

Join thousands of Pennsylvanians who believe in a forward-thinking future.  Every signature counts!

Already signed? Great! You can still help by encouraging your Pennsylvania registered voter friends and family members to sign the petition as well. Together, we can make a difference.


1. Print out nomination paper (download here) on legal size (8.5"x14") paper, double sided, head to head.
2. Add the county of your registered address in Section A - Line 2.
3. Section D is where we collect the signatures. Ask your registered friends and family to fill sign Section D. You are allowed to sign this section yourself, but only once. Note: If additional signers live in different counties, please use a separate sheet for each county & list that county in Section A-2 & the County of Signers in Section E.
4. Fill out section E only when section D is complete with one or more signatures.
5. Print and send your sheet(s) to: 

Pennsylvania Forward Party 
PO Box 74 West Grove, PA 19390

Example guide below:

Will you sign?