2024 Forward Party Candidates

20 May, 2024


This year the Pennsylvania Forward Party is running two statewide candidates & a third candidate for a Pennsylvania House seat.

Eric Settle is running for Attorney General. Eric is running as a Forwardist because he believes that the Attorney General should be free from the influences of either of the major parties. Eric’s independent voice would allow the Attorney General’s office to solve our problems and put our citizens first. Learn more about Eric at his website: https://ericsettle4ag.com/

Chris Foster is running for State Treasurer because he wants to break partisan barriers and foster inclusive, forward-thinking governance. He is committed to transparent & efficient accounting of the state’s finances. He believes that every Pennsylvanian deserves to have confidence and trust in their state government. Learn more about Chris at his website: https://chrisfosterforpatreasurer.com/

John Mamatas is running to represent the 32nd District in the Pennsylvania House in Harrisburg. This district is located in the northeast of Allegheny County. John is running as a Forwardist because, unlike other parties, Forward does not tell candidates how to vote. He believes in our election reforms and will work to ensure that more voices are heard.

In order to get on the ballot, our candidates need to gather a substantial number of signatures prior to Mid-July. We are asking all of our supporters to help us collect these. Regardless of whether you can get hundreds of signatures or only your own: WE. NEED. YOUR. HELP!!!

To do so please download our Nomination Paper HERE. The County information is left blank on this form (The state does not allow people from different counties to sign the same paper). The state also requires that they be printed double sided & on legal sized (8.5 x 14) paper. For more information on the requirements please review our cheat sheet HERE. For the official instructions from the state, click HERE.

As you collect signatures, please contact Secretary Valimont (at [email protected]) if you have any questions & to let him know how many you collected every week.

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