A New *Kind* of Party

A New *Kind* of Party

10 April, 2020

Americans want another choice in our increasingly polarized world. That is why we are building it right here in Pennsylvania with the Forward Party.

We believe everyday American citizens should be able to decide what is best for them. We are the only new party that is delivering a strategy designed to empower local leaders to unlock policy solutions that work in their communities. We don’t care about the D, R, or I next to your name. If you are willing to show up and work with people from all walks of life to find real solutions that work in your communities, you are welcome at the Forward Party.

We approach politics differently than the traditional parties. Our national party sets our principles and values. Our state parties, including Pennsylvania, set our Priorities while also using our principles and values to weigh in on legislation. From there our Candidates take their own positions on policies. It will then be up to the voters to select the candidates who best represent them.

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