Building a Viable, Credible, Durable New Movement

Building a Viable, Credible, Durable New Movement

10 April, 2020

Problems that affect our communities are being left unsolved by our current system. Politicians would rather fundraise off these problems than fix them. Politically motivated violence driven by extreme partisanship has become alarmingly common and widespread. People are distraught, disillusioned, and scared for the future of our democracy. No wonder nearly 60% of American voters say they want a new party, and 50% are no longer members of either major party.

We are building a movement to change this. We will protect democracy from starting from the local level. We encourage our members to serve in democracy’s first line of defense—poll workers. It is shameful that far too many judge of elections positions go unfilled. These are the people who are responsible for running our polling place on election day.

As we fill these positions, the Pennsylvania Forward Party will be able to recruit these elected officials to run for higher office. Our County Boards of elections are the next step up. In most counties, these boards are comprised of our County Commissioners. They supervise voter registration, certify the results, and serve as the chief election officials of their County. The Forward Party will capitalize on the fact that these officials are mostly elected in multi-seat races. It is far easier to win an election where there are three winners instead of just one.

We also need to change the rules to create better incentives and we will do that by electing Forwardists to represent us in Harrisburg. We are one of the few states that has a large legislative body. There are 203 State Representatives with another 50 State Senators. Because the General Assembly is so evenly divided, anyone we elect to this body would have enormous influence to change the system for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians.

Furthermore, the Forward Party believes that all politics is local. That is why we also are focusing at the municipal level. We believe that our local officials should be concerned about local issues—not what is going on it Washington. Our country has nationalized every race down to even township auditors. This needs to change and the Forward Party will do this by electing leaders who want to make a real difference in their local communities by governing the Forward way!

If you want to run for office as a Forwardist learn more here!

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